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Alien Artifacts are a type of Cargo consisting of unusual or exotic wares of high value that defy categorisation.

They can be purchased from Traders, in particular the Gem Slugs; Harvested from Plants grown on the Bio deck in a cold and dry climate; or, once Researched, manufactured in a Factory. The Turakken highly value these and will purchase them at a high price.

They are used on the Station to stock Curiosity Shops.

Item Description[]

More unusual or exotic wares that defy categorisation are often packaged under this general term. Due to its rarity, this cargo type can often command high prices in the Galactic market place.

Plants producing Alien Artifacts[]


Trader Cost to buy (E.png) Cost to sell (E.png)
Cost to buy and sell with traders
Arona Daal 2000-2500 1500-2000
Polvakian Gem Slug Good tradeGood tradeGood trade1000-1500 Bad tradeBad tradeBad trade500-1000
Grey 2000-2500 1500-2000
Karmarama 2000-2500 1500-2000
Kasvagorian 2000-2500 1500-2000
Groulien Salt Hog 2000-2500 1500-2000
Dahanese Siren 2000-2500 1500-2000
Grekka Targ 2000-2500 1500-2000
Turakken Bad tradeBad tradeBad trade3000-3500 Good tradeGood tradeGood trade2500-3000
Zedem Monk Bad trade2100-2300 Good trade1900-2100


  • Note: unlike other items, researchers will not automatically research improvements of Alien artifacts, they will only do so when provided with crates on the Analyser.