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Alien interface-numbered.png


The Alien interface is brought up by right clicking on peeps, either in person on though the visitor/ resident menu.

From here the player can hire, promote and fire the alien as well as see their CV, skills and current Stats.

  1. Image of alien
  2. Name of species
  3. Hire button
  4. Fire button (see File:Alien-job-interface-resident.png)
  5. Amount of E.png the alien has to spend
  6. Amount of E.png it will cost to hire the alien - below this shows their level of promotion, a dot will flash if they are ready to be promoted
  7. Amount of E.png it will cost to promote the alien
  8. The aliens stats - clicking on these will cause the alien to express if they feel like that particular need is being fulfilled or not, by nodding (yes), shaking their head (no) or a shrug/ hand waggle (in between).
  9. Performance ratings of the alien
    • Skill tells you how well they do their jobs, including how well the combat races shoot straight.
    • Dedication shows you how willing they are to keep working in the face of increasing needs.
    • Loyalty shows how long they stay fighting in combat and willingness to use other players facilities (at your cost) a high loyalty peep will fight longer and only use your facilities.
  10. Alien's CV

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