An Analyser is a Furniture item found in a Laboratory on the Sub level. At least one Analyser is required for a Laboratory to be a valid room when constructing with the Build menu.

It is the primary equipment used by Turakken scientists to engage in Research. It can also be used to specify what to research by placing Cargo or Furniture directly onto it via the Pattern buffer.

The name of the item being researched can be seen by hovering the mouse pointer over where the item sits on the Analyser. Right clicking on the Analyser enables the tech tree to be seen.

Item DescriptionEdit

A clever piece of scientific technology, the Analyser links to any other Lab equipment you have and allows remote research to be carried out. Just beam something onto the analysis platform and your scientists will do the rest.

Stat EffectsEdit

A Turakken working at the Analyser will have their Stats effected by the following.

Working (per second)




It is automatically researched if the Laboratory is researched.

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