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Arona Daal arrives on the station

Arona Daal is an alien tradesman, once revered as the greatest Station administrator in history. He is your first organic contact upon taking up the job as station supervisor. Through all your missions, he comes to you with goods to sell. Being so well-connected, Arona can send and receive goods directly with your Pattern buffer, having no need for a Star Dock. It is hinted that he is responsible for continually getting you one contract after another, starting with the Groulien Workers Party. This is evident in how he keeps setting himself up to be your first trading partner.

Arona is very shrewd when it comes to trade. He buys low and sells high on everything, and always happens to have the one thing that any struggling station administrator requires. It is almost as though he can sense when people are in need of something, but that would be silly, right?

Cargo Cost to buy (E.png) Percentage to have (%)
Berth 1000-1250
Recharger 1000-1250
Energy Collector 50000-62500
Port 10000-12500
Comsensor 5000-6250
Cargo Cost to sell (E.png) Percentage to want (%)
Berth 750-1000
Recharger 750-1000
Energy Collector 37500-50000
Port 7500-10000
Comsensor 3750-5000