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Art is a standard form of self-expression seen throughout the known universe. All races engage in the use of abstract and realistic art to probe the deep mysteries of life, the universe, and everything. There are several art work replicas that can be acquired from traders to be displayed on a station's promenade.

If a peep is viewing its own species art work they will get a increase of mind, body and soul points, sometimes races viewing the art work of of races they get on with will get a significant bonus as well. Most races viewing an art work will get a +100 mind point increase.

  • Endeavour - A shining tribute to the indomitable nature of Groulien work ethic
  • Legacy - An abstract representation of the Targ's industrious colony structure
  • Gmnerich - A rather uninspiring, yet still enjoyable, bit of Grey stone sculpture
  • Mother - A statue of the Siren patron goddess holding up their magnificent, pristine world
  • Kategukhat - A golden monument to the greatest, and possibly deadliest, Kasvagorian warlord who ever lived
  • Peace Totem - A very abstract (read, "meaningless") bit of Karmaraman art, which they think is "cool, man"
  • Matter Anti-Matter - Turakken artwork that displays their ordered and precise view of the world and their tireless search of perfection
  • Father Zeodorus - A tall (and imposing) rendering of the patron saint of Zedem Monks, who glowers down at all who gaze upon him
  • The Furies - A piece of Gem Slug artwork they believe no one else has an eye for, but shows there is more to the slimy gastropods than their slovenly ways
  • Planetscape - A giant mobile of a vast star system, hanging over the heads of passers-by
  • Uplanter - A strange statue that is simply a tall, thin column with a planter on top
  • Robot Heaven - The largest of all artworks, this castle-like rendering is a monument to some unknown but masterful intelligence

Art, along with other items of corridor furniture, can be moved to the bio deck via the pattern buffer.