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Buildings are a collection of free-standing and adjustable structures that can be constructed on your station.

Buildings by function[]


Station housing provides peeps with a place to rest.

  • Berth - Standard crew berths, used in stations where visitor accommodations are not an issue
  • Star Motel - Low-rent, twelve-unit high-rise
  • Space Inn - Mid-range accommodations for visiting tourists
  • Palace Galactica - High-class plaza hotel for VIP visitors



  • Music Shop - Your standard media outlet, where customers can purchase entertainment goods
  • General Store - Corner store where peeps can purchase snacks and the like
  • Computer Store - High-tech store selling most types of hardware goods
  • Combat Store - Store specializing in the sale of high-power weapons
  • Curiosity Shop - Quaint locale that specializes in alien artifacts
  • Leisure Store - A high-class establishment featuring only the finest goods


  • Love Nest - A Siren-run establishment that specializes in providing Love to the people of the galaxy
  • Disco - Open club where peeps can dance the night away
  • Holodrome - High-tech interactive simulation arena where anyone can experience their fondest desire
  • Oroflex - Strange, alien lifeform that makes for one hell of an amusement park ride
  • Roulesse Wheel - Gambling establishment for those with heavy pockets


Station services[]

  • Port - High-speed transfer system that brings peeps onboard
  • Comsensor - Communications array providing broadcasts of available station services
  • Lavotron - Welcome refreshment and sanitary relief for every weary traveler on his way
  • Sick Bay - Station-run medical services that handles everything from the sniffles to the plague

Energy facilities[]

  • Energy Collector - Central system of any station, providing power to all station facilities
  • Power Booster - Power distribution system that ensures the safe, regulated transmission of power
  • Recharger - Alcove meant for the recharging of the station's Scuzzer population
  • Recycler - Enviro-friendly garbage dump that recycles all unwanted waste back into Energy

Cargo / construction facilities[]

  • Laboratory - Researches new technologies for station construction and improves on existing technologies
  • Factory - Builds hardplan and cargo crates
  • Star Dock - Allows trading with cargo vessels that pass by the station
  • Cargo Hold - Holds crates in stasis until they are used or traded

Security facilities[]

  • Security Control - Control room for station security
  • Security Column - Automated gun turret that ensures safety aboard station
  • Lockdown Brig - Miniature prison that actively rehabilitates criminals into functioning members of society

Alien establishments[]

  • Star Temple - The famed star Temple of the Zedem Monks, the only building that you, as supervisor, do not construct.

Buildings by construction[]

Self-contained structures[]

Adjustable rooms[]

These can be adjusted for size and Furniture content. Rooms have a minimum size, decided by furniture requirements and a maximum size decided by level rules. All rooms must have a door and most need at least one piece of vital equipment.

Rooms include: