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The Cargo Hold is Building found on the Sub level. It is a useful and, in longer games, a vital room for your Station. It can store up to 36 Cargo crates and keeps them from deteriorating; even regenerating partially decayed crates before they turn into Damaged Goods.

While cargo can be beamed into or out of any available slot, Scuzzers will, time and lack of duties permitted of course, automatically collect cargo and place into the Cargo Bay where the cargo robot will store it for future use. Multiple Cargo Holds will increase the efficiency of this as the Scuzzers will not have to wait as long to store the cargo and return to their other duties. Caution should be kept in case the Scuzzers are overworked or too few in numbers as the cargo might decay to a state of disrepair, becoming worthless.

Cargo is automatically consumed when it is need by Shops, Dine-o-Mats, Sick Bays and when exchanged in Trade.

The Cargo Bay Menu can be used to see the inventory of the cargo available in all Cargo Holds under the Administrators control on the station and crates left out on the deck, providing a speedy means to access the cargo manifest for beaming into the Pattern buffer. This also allows for Damaged Goods, crates that have completely decayed and become unusable, to be detected; unfortunately this does not help in locating them. Damaged Goods are usually located near Factories, Star Docks or on the Bio deck after a Harvest.

A Cargo Hold can only be built against the outer hulls of the Sub level at a maximum of two Cargo Holds per segment and 32 Cargo Holds if you control the entire Sub level.

Item Description[]

Each Cargo Hold uses Heisenberg physics to hold goods of far greater size and mass than its exterior dimensions and weight suggest. Even perishable goods and products stored in Cargo Holds are kept in perfect stasis, with no degradation or loss of freshness. Cargobots, simple droids, are provided free with each unit to store and retrieve goods within the Hold.