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Even in the enlightened times of the future there is still conflict.

If combat is a real possibility then you need to have the following in place:

Security scuzzers[]

  • Security Scuzzers - Less squishy (more damage enduring) than security personnel, teleport them to trouble spots and use them to hack doors in take over attempts.

Security personnel[]

Any hired resident will engage in combat if they are a member of the following races. Each are equipped with a laser weapon.

  • Kasvagorians - Physically the best available combatants. A number will be needed to man the Security Control, but as that improves the effectivness of Security Columns and Security Scuzzers they are still contributing.
  • Grekka Targs - As their only available job is working the Comsensor, They make a good early combat force unlikely to already be tied up with another job.
  • Groulien Salt Hogs - Reasonable combatants, however they are frequently already tied up in work when a conflict errupts.
  • Greys - While Greys will engage in combat, they are relatively fragile and should not be relied on as the bulk of your forces. They are very much needed to man the Sick Bays for after combat is finished however.

You should have at least ten of each before attempting to Takeover another Administrators segments. Those with high dedication and loyalty will stick around the longest, while those with higher skill are better shots. Bad shots can damage civilians and Buildings.

Security facilities[]

  • Security Columns - Place them near Ports and Sick Bays to take down Spys and Skrashers. Place them by the Bulkhead doors on borders to soften up enemies and near door controls to prevent take over attempts.
  • Security Control - Gors will work here, vastly increasing the range of Security Columns and the effectiveness of Security Scuzzers. It also allows automatic tagging of hostiles to be engaged by your security forces.
  • Sick Bays - Combat will inevitably result in injuries, so ensure sufficient facilities are available for dealing with a large wave of injured residents.

Types of combat[]

Skrasher attacks[]

Skrashers main anger is directed towards buildings but they will take a swipe at random peeps and anyone trying to shoot them.

Enemy agents[]

See Intruder

Hostile administrators and hostile takeovers[]

See Takeover