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To run a space station, the Supervisor must construct Buildings for his visitors and residents.

Placing buildings[]

Buildings are constructed either from Hardplan crates or directly from the station's building menu once Researched, at a fixed cost. Whichever method used will place a holographic representation of the building on your station floor which will then be used by Scuzzers to create the building.

This hologram can be moved about and changed in orientation to fit the available space. For variable-size rooms (i.e., Berth, Sick Bay), the walls of the room are stretched to the desired size. The variable-size rooms are provided furniture, most especially Doors, before the hardplan is complete.

For adjustable rooms, furniture can be added at a later stage. If a room does not have the required furniture to function, it will Power down once constructed.


After placing the blueprint, the Scuzzers come up and begin the construction process, first by replacing the hologram with the room's support skeleton, which looks like metal scaffolding. After this, they construct the internal systems, which fills the skeleton with "techno-junk." Finally, they build the external shell of the room. As soon as this done, any instant-made furniture is beamed into place and the room becomes operational.

Editing a constructed building[]

All buildings have two important controls on their Pop-up menu: power and repack. The power button on the far left looks like a light switch. When it is green, the room is powered. When it is red, the room is unpowered. An unpowered room does not function, but at least it doesn't tax your Energy Collector. The repack icon, shown by a downward-facing red arrowhead over a crate, repacks the room (and any internal furniture) back into crates. For variable-size rooms, another button - edit - sits in the middle. This allows for the addition of furniture or the changing of door locations in any variable-size room.

Regardless of construction method repacking a building will create a hardplan crate and furniture crates. If the building is badly damaged all crates will be destroyed if the repack option is selected.