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Even in the enlightened times of the sci-fi future there is still a criminal element. While most criminals will be that way when they come aboard, guests and residents can become corrupt if their mind points drop far enough, causing them to indulge in criminal behaviour.

Ordinary criminals[]

These are corrupted peeps who commit minor crimes around your station

  • Criminal Greys will pretend to treat ill peeps while taking their money
  • Criminal Targ's will eavesdrop on people and spread negative publicity about your station
  • Criminal Salt Hogs will steal money from you though the recycler and slow down the factory processes.
  • Criminal Zedem Monks will curse peeps rather than bless them, potentially making them criminal or depressed.
  • Criminal Gors decrease the efficiency of the security system
  • Criminal Karmarama will release harmful 'Karma-gasms'. These red shock waves that can harm Peeps and Scuzzers.
  • Criminal Sirens will give less love points, no fun points and cause point loss in Mind, Soul, Toilet and sleep to their clients.

Special criminals[]

These assassinate peeps, steal secrets and plant bombs, see Intruder for details.

Dealing with criminals[]

Provided you have at least one Security Scuzzer ordinary criminals can be removed from your station, or if you have a Lockdown Brig with spare cells, 'processed' into law abiding citizens. Of course you could also set you scuzzers to shoot on sight, leaving just a corpse for recycling. The Security Control building and a trained staff of Kasvagorians will increase you ability to find and deal with criminals.

Special criminals will shot on sight by any security scuzzer or Security Column that detects them, either though being caught in the act or when you mark them with a cross-hair. This happens regardless of what setting your security scuzzers are set to. After they have been marked any armed residents will also open fire.

While Security Scuzzers automatically patrol the Sub level and Pleasure deck they are seldom seem on the Bio deck. For this reason it may be worth teleporting in a group of them to deal with any criminal Zedem Monks and Karmarama.