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Damaged Goods are the result of Cargo crates of all types left around on the deck for an extended period of time. At this point they cease to be useful as anything but Recycler material. These goods can attract Vermin.

Partially damaged goods, recognisable by their dirty/green coating can still be salvaged if they are placed in a cargo hold as the damage will be halted and slowly reversed.

Item Description[]

Cargo crates that are left out in the open too long will succumb to various types of space rot. Once in this state, recycling is the only option.

To prevent damaged goods building up[]

  • Make sure to keep crates in a Cargo Hold or in your Pattern buffer.
  • Check around your Factories, Star Docks and Bio deck for missing crates
  • Keep an eye on any Plants that you have set to harvest, they could turn into cargo without you noticing
    • If you take a section from an enemy they may have set their own harvest timers and left crates around.
  • Keep a good number of Scuzzers around, teleport a few up to the biodeck to look around for crates.
  • Check your cargo hold inventory to see if any damaged goods are listed and track them down.
  • Make sure that you have enough powered up cargo holds