Vital statistics
Type Dining
Deck Sub level, Pleasure
Purpose Increases nourishment
Cost to build 2000E
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Power usage {{{powerusage}}}
Size 5x5
Furniture requirement(s) None

The Dine-O-Mat is the ubiquitous fast food establishment of the station. It has four stations to serve peeps simultaneously. It normally serves energy-based food, where the food is directly synthesized. However, using food supplies and mineral ores, it can serve up organic and mineral-based food as well.

The Dine-O-Mat can be placed on both the Sub level and Pleasure deck. Peeps using the Dine-O-Mat create a lot of litter, so players may want to place litter bins near each food access point. Players may also want to avoid placing Dine-O-Mat's on the sub level to avoid a certain creature eating the litter.

Peeps can suffer food poisoning if a Dine-O-Mat is left to get dirty or damaged.

Food preferencesEdit


Change the food selection from the dine-o-mat's pop-up menu

While all peeps will eat and to a certain extent, enjoy, energy synthesised food, some races prefer mineral based or organic food.

Synthesised food is preferred by Salt hogs, Greys and Turakken. These races also gain mind, body and fun points in addition to nourishment points.

Organic food is preferred by Kasvagorians, Sirens and Zedem monks. These races also gain mind, body and fun points in addition to nourishment points

Mineral based food is preferred by Targ, Karmarama and Gem slugs. These races also gain mind and body points in addition to nourishment points.

While synthesised food can be eaten by any race without harm, a peep that has a preference for organic food can lose mind and body points if they eat mineral based food, as can a race that prefers mineral based food if they eat organic food. Races that prefer synthesised food can eat any food without negative consequences, they just don't get as much out of it.

All races lose toilet points from eating (1000), eating the wrong food doubles this loss.

If in doubt just leave the Dine-O-Mat to dispense synthesised food or allow it to dispense all food types if you have the resources.

In game description Edit

"Every race has the desire for fast food. A Dine-O-Mat will provide quick, nourishing meals or drinks to customers in seconds. Preparation consists of finding out what the customer wants and replicating it using macro-biological ingredients instantly, so that not only is the food fresh as it was literally created from atoms nano-seconds earlier, but it's piping hot owing to the molecular excitation. A Dine-O-Mat can create food for large numbers of customers using this system."

Traders Edit

Trader Cost to buy (E) Cost to sell (E)
Cost to buy and sell with traders
Arona 2000-2500 1500-2000
Gem slug 2000-2500 1500-2000
Grey 2000-2500 1500-2000
Karmarama Face smileFace smileFace smile1000-1500 Face sadFace sadFace sad500-1000
Kasvagorian Face sadFace sadFace sad2500-3000 Face smileFace smileFace smile2000-2500
Salt hog 2000-2500 1500-2000
Siren 2000-2500 1500-2000
Targ 2000-2500 1500-2000
Turakken 2000-2500 1500-2000
Zedem 2000-2200 1800-2000
Trader Cost to buy (E) Cost to sell (E)
Cost to buy and sell technology
Arona Face sadFace sadFace sad6000-6500 Face smileFace smileFace smile5500-6000
Gem slug 5000-5500 4500-5000
Grey 5000-5500 4500-5000
Karmarama Face sadFace sadFace sad6000-6500 Face smileFace smileFace smile5500-6000
Kasvagorian 5000-5500 4500-5000
Salt hog 5000-5500 4500-5000
Siren 5000-5500 4500-5000
Targ 5000-5500 4500-5000
Turakken 5000-5500 4500-5000
Zedem 5000-5200 4800-5000