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An Equipment crate is a type of Cargo that contains a single item of Furniture. This can be an item of equipment required for the functioning of a room, such as a Slumber Pod; a piece of equipment that must be placed outside of a room, such as a Litter Bin; a decorative item, such as an Image Projector or a piece of Art.

Equipment crates can be acquired from Traders or built in the Factory. If a room is repacked, any furniture within it will result in equipment crates, even if the furniture was originally built from Energy via the Room furnishing menu. This is the only method by which furniture can be returned to an equipment crate, as such, any furniture that cannot be placed within a room can never be returned to a crate.

An equipment crate can be beamed from the Pattern buffer onto the Analyser in the Laboratory to research it.

Item Description[]

In a similar fashion to Hardplans, these crates contain a blueprint and raw energy to build a single piece of equipment.

Initial Crates[]

When starting a Campaign Mission or Sandbox game, equipment crates will not usually be provided. Custom User Missions may provide equipment crates when they begin or following the completion of objectives.

All items found in Equipment crates[]

Analyser Bench Cell Chronometer
Cocktail Bar Unit Cocktail Table Corridor Lamp Diagnosis Unit
Dispenser Endeavour Father Zeodorus Gmnerich
Image Projector Kategukhat Legacy Litter Bin
Love Chair Love Waiting Seat Matter Anti-Matter Medi Bed
Microscope Mother Peace Totem Planetscape
Plant Bio-pot Recreational Bar Unit Recreational Table Replicator
Robot Heaven Rough Bar Unit Rough Table Sickbay Waiting Couch
Slug Bar Unit Slug Pod Slumber Pod The Furies
Ultra-lamp Uplanter Workbench Workstation
Z-Ray Scanner