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A Factory is a Building found on the Sub level. It is a Station facility Employing four Groulien Salt Hogs. The factory can create almost any Cargo that you have the technology for, at at 75% of the cost of buying directly from the Build menu and often at lower prices than Traders.

The cost of building these goods can be further decreased by researching them in the Laboratory. The cost and time required for production is reduced by a further 5% per level.

Nine items can be queued in a factory. Players should be aware that repeatedly adding items to the queue may lead to the death of the Salt Hog workers as they will not be able to leave to fulfill their Needs.

Cargo can Spoil and break down if left on the deck, becoming only fit for Recycling.

Item Description[]

Installed Groulien Factories enable a Station to construct goods from raw energy. Compact and ingeniously-designed, each Factory is staffed by up to four Salt Hogs, who are the only beings capable of working in them.

Stat Effects[]

A Salt Hog working in the Factory will have their Stats effected by the following.

Working (per second)

Groulien Salt-Hog