Furniture, also referred to as equipment, is what you outfit your station facilities (as well as the station itself) with to make proper use of it. Furniture comes in equipment crates. They cannot be repacked into crates except by one method: if the furniture is in a room and the room is repacked.

Universal equipmentEdit

These pieces of furniture can be put in any resizable room.

  • Door - It is necessary for all variable-sized rooms to have at least one door.
  • Ultra-lamp - A lava lamp like light. Can also be placed in the corridors.
  • Image Projector - A flat screen television. Must be placed against a wall
  • Chronometer - Basically a sci-fi clock. Must be placed against a wall. Tells the correct time.
  • Plant Bio-pot - Can also be placed in the corridors.

Corridor equipmentEdit

This equipment can only be placed on the corridor floor of your station, not in any room.

Berth equipmentEdit

Sick bay equipmentEdit

Bar equipmentEdit

Rough bar
Recreational bar
Cocktail bar

Love Nest equipmentEdit

Lockdown brig equipmentEdit

Laboratory equipmentEdit

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