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The Galactic Rehabilitation Authority (GRA) is responsible for running all the public prisons in the known galaxy. The Station supervisors they hire act as wardens, using funds provided by the GRA for running the facility. The GRA also provides Technology crates that allow these supervisors to build Lockdown Brigs. They pay out 1000E.png Energy for every Criminal that is rehabilitated, but charge 2000E.png if they deliver a criminal for incarceration and that criminal escapes or dies due to neglect. This is significant, as the standard bereavement settlement for the family of any Peep that dies on a station is only 1000E.png.

When setting up a prison station, they provide the technology to build lockdown brigs, as well as provide basic security in the form of a Security Control and Kasvagorian and Salt Hog officers. Once the brig is constructed, they provide Security Scuzzers that will apprehend and incarcerate criminals. After this point, they leave all responsibility for operating and maintaining the prison to the administrator.


The Galactic Rehab Authority is mission four. Your task is to run a Convict Rehabilitation Centre. Rehabilitate 100 convicts before 10 escape. You will receive 1000E.png for each rehabilitated convict but lose 2000E.png for each that escapes.

Tips and hints[]

  • Have multiple lockdown brigs spread around the station to increase the number of convicts that can be processed quickly, leave room for expansion.
  • If you have multiple Security Scuzzers and a Security Control then Bomb threats are more likely to be taken care of automatically.
  • Consider adding Security Columns near your ports. These will automatically fire on disguised enemy agents as they arrive.
  • Make sure you have enough security scuzzers and Rechargers positioned near you ports and lockdown brigs. This will increase the efficiency of convict processing.
  • If you find yourself being overwhelmed with convicts about to escape, you can temporarily repack the port. This appears to have no negative consequences and gives you valuable time to sort out the backlog. Doing this may cause ex-convicts to use your other facilities, gaining you more energy.
  • Make sure you hire ex-convicts for security and medical reasons. Hiring other species can help keep your staff happy.
  • Consider getting a Factory and salt hog work crew to save money on building lockdown brigs and Cells.

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