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The General Stores are corner store-style shops where Peeps can buy snacks and the like. It uses Food Supplies, each crate supplying 20 uses. If no crate is available, goods are replicated at a cost of 250E.png.

This shop is the only one that does not decrease a peeps Nourishment points.

Item Description[]

Otherwise known as a shop, these attract visitors and residents alike, and using an automatic sale and delivery system, the Retail Outlet can make shopping an extremely pleasurable experience. Goods can be replicated on demand, or delivered from cargo storage. Retail Outlets are traditionally a useful way of gaining extra revenue.

Stat Effects[]


KasvagorianDahanese SirenTurakkenPolvakian Gem Slug
Grekka TargGreyKarmaramaZedem Monk
Groulien Salt-Hog