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Greys are short, gray aliens that make a habit off landing in rural areas of backwater planets, abducting some poor soul, probing him in very uncomfortable places, then putting him back with no evidence and only a wild story that no one will ever believe. Well, that and the entire ranch of mutilated cattle (they can't seem to figure out how those mooing things work) and a bit of acre-wide graffiti that simply says, "We're meeting at Alpha Centauri at 6. See you there." In all honesty, Greys are known for being the best medical practitioners in the galaxy. They take great pride in their work, if they have any emotions at all, that is.

Their homeworld is a cold, snowy place, odd considering the Greys' propensity for not wearing clothing whatsoever. Maybe that is why they also make the best tourists. Though cold and lacking in humor, Greys enjoy having fun and discoursing with a wide range of species. Most peeps seem to enjoy talking with them as well, their conversations actually making aliens feel better. They enjoy almost any type of shop or distraction imaginable including swimming.

Station functions[]

Greys are armed with lasers, just like the Salt Hogs, Targs, and Gors, making them part of the station defense force. However, their primary purpose is working in the Sick Bay.

Sick bay[]

The Sick Bay is where all the peeps on your station go to get well. Sick bays are manned by Greys, one for every Diagnosis Unit. Unlike other services where it is mostly the quantity of peeps working that determines efficiency (like the Factory, Recycler, or Comsensor), Greys rely on skill more than anything else, so it is important to hire the most skillful Greys available to serve as station doctors.

Criminal Greys are just as skilled at medicine as the rest. However, their lack of medical scruples causes them to withhold proper treatment following diagnosis, simply telling the patient that they are cured, pocketing their money, and sending them on their way.

Grey's working in sickbay actually gain Body points (+10).


Grey names are very guttural, almost as harsh-sounding as those of the Gors. They are formed of three syllables each, with a glottal stop (signified by an apostrophe) after the first syllable.

First syllable Second syllable Third syllable