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The Groulien Workers Party (GWP) is the union and political party of the Salt Hog workers. They set up waystations across the galaxy for their asteroid miners to visit in-between their month-long shifts. Often these miners become employed by Supervisors to work the waystations Recyclers and Factories, but there doesn't seem to have any backlash in relations between the station Supervisors and the Party.


The Groulien Workers Party is the first mission in the Startopia single-player campaign. Your initial objective is to build a station with basic facilities, but it then evolves with a direct order to expand into a communications post and then an emergency involving a Zedem Diplomat VIP. Most hardplan and technology crates are provided.


  1. Build the basic facilities (Port, Lavotron, Dine-o-Mat, Berth, and Recharger)
  2. When you have ten visitors, open the second segment. Build a recycler and hire four employees
  3. Clean up junk scattered through the stations.
  4. Build at least one more Lavotron, Dine-o-Mat and Berth.
  5. Build two comsensors
  6. Heal the visiting Diplomat
    After receiving a distress call, give them permission to come aboard. VAL explains that if you had a sick bay you could heal the Diplomat.
    1. Trade with Arona Daal for a sick bay, requires 6000E
    2. Build the Sick bay, equipping it with at least one Diagnosis Unit
    3. Hire a Grey visitor to heal the Diplomat to win the mission.


  • If you demolish critical buildings or all your scuzzers, you will be provided with one free replacement (per item). If you demolish the replacement, the mission will fail.
  • If you have less than two scuzzers, Arona will sell additional replacements.
  • Refusing to allow the diplomat to dock, or spending too much time healing him will fail the mission.


An older version of the mission appears in the mission folder, with the name Copy of mish01.txt. This version has some broken messages, but otherwise plays similarly to the standard mission.