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Two Scuzzer crates and a hardplan crate

A Hardplan crate is a type of Cargo that contains the plans and materials for a single Building. When opened, either directly or through the Build menu, they enable the construction of that building at no further Energy cost. Variable plan rooms will also allow for the most basic required Equipment to be built even if that technology has not been Researched, although this will cost energy if an Equipment crate containing the furniture is not present on a deck floor or in a Cargo Hold.

Hardplan crates can be acquired from Traders or built in the Factory. If a room is repacked, it will always result in a hardplan crate, even if the room was originally built from energy via the build menu.

A hardplan crate can be beamed from the Pattern buffer onto the Analyser in the Laboratory to research it.

Item Description[]

These crates are amazing pieces of engineering, containing blueprints, raw materials, and a production plant: everything you need to manufacture one single facility -- just add Scuzzers. Basic room contents are also provided, though at additional cost.

Initial Crates[]

When starting a Mission or Sandbox game, a player will typically be provided with hardplan crates for a Berth, Dine-o-Mat, Energy Collector, Lavotron, Port, and Recharger to construct their initial base of operations. Some missions in the campaign or custom User Missions may provide additional crates at the start or after certain objectives are achieved.

All items found in Hardplan crates[]

Berth Cargo Hold Cocktail Bar Combat Store
Computer Store Comsensor Curiosity Shop Dine-o-Mat
Disco Energy Collector Factory General Store
Holodrome Laboratory Lavotron Leisure Store
Lockdown Brig Love Nest Music Shop Oroflex
Palace Galactica Plaza Fountain Port Power Booster
Recharger Recreational Bar Recycler Rough Bar
Roulesse Wheel Security Column Security Control Sick Bay
Slugpartments Space Inn Star Dock Star Motel
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