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Hardware Supplies are a type of Cargo consisting of technical equipment and supplies used on the Station to stock Computer Stores.

They can be bought from Traders, the Turakken offering the best deals, or built in a Factory. The Salt Hogs will purchase any Hardware supplies at a high value.

Item Description[]

Power tools, computing devices and ergonomically designed kitchen utensils are just some of the items that can be found in Hardware crates. A common trade item throughout the galactic rim.


Trader Cost to buy (E.png) Cost to sell (E.png)
Cost to buy and sell with traders
Arona Daal 500-625 375-500
Polvakian Gem Slug 500-625 375-500
Grey 500-625 375-500
Karmarama 500-625 375-500
Kasvagorian 500-625 375-500
Groulien Salt Hog Bad tradeBad tradeBad trade750-875 Good tradeGood tradeGood trade625-750
Dahanese Siren 500-625 375-500
Grekka Targ 500-625 375-500
Turakken Good tradeGood tradeGood trade250-375 Bad tradeBad tradeBad trade125-250
Zedem Monk Bad trade525-575 Good trade475-525