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Industrial Materials are a type of Cargo consisting of various materials intended for use in heavy industry. They are not used on the Station.

They can be Traded for; although no race specifically sells them; Harvested from plants grown on the Bio deck in many climates; or manufactured in a Factory. The Targ value these and will purchase them at a high price.

Item Description[]

This cargo type covers a wide variety of industrial parts, such as flux capacitors, proton discharge coils and ribbed flange sockets.

Plants producing Industrial Materials[]


Trader Cost to buy (E.png) Cost to sell (E.png)
Cost to buy and sell with traders
Arona Daal 500-625 375-500
Polvakian Gem Slug 500-625 375-500
Grey 500-625 375-500
Karmarama 500-625 375-500
Kasvagorian 500-625 375-500
Groulien Salt Hog 500-625 375-500
Dahanese Siren 500-625 375-500
Grekka Targ Bad tradeBad tradeBad trade750-875 Good tradeGood tradeGood trade625-750
Turakken 500-625 375-500
Zedem Monk Bad trade525-575 Good trade475-525