The Karmarama are a humanoid race with four arms and purple skin. These hippy, trippy dudes are at home with Mother Earth (or whatever planet they happen to be on at the time). Their cool, cosmic perception - along with, as popularly believed, substantial quantities of semi-legal "herbs" - gives them a deep appreciation for the all-over cosmic one-ness of everything. Their connection to the earth is so strong that it makes them natural farmers. Once hired, they go right to work on the Bio deck, planting trees and shrubs. Don't try to tell them what to plant, or where, you'll just be wasting your time. Funny thing is, they don't seem to like it when these plants get harvested, so an actively-producing bio deck generally has more than its fair share of turnover in farmers.


Cargo Cost to buy ( E.png ) Percentage to have (%)
Items sold by this trader
Dine-o-Mat 1000-1500
Recycler 5000-7500
Peace Totem 2500-3750
Cargo Cost to sell ( E.png ) Percentage to want (%)
Items bought by this trader
Dine-o-Mat 500-1000
Recycler 12500-15000
Peace Totem 1250-2500
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