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A Laboratory is an Adjustable Room found on the Sub level. It employs one Turakken scientist for each piece of research equipment. Using the Analyser they can Research new technologies or improve known ones.

Technologies can be Researched by placing an item on the Analyzer. This will result in researching that technology, or, if already known, researching a technology that is dependant on that item, if one remains unknown.

If there is no active research being performed, a random existing technology will be selected for research to 'improve' it. Each technology can be improved up to nine times. For each level of improvement, the Energy cost and time to manufacture the item in a Factory is reduced by 5%. Specific improvements can be researched in the same fashion as researching the technology in the first place using the Analyzer.

Note that, improvements do not effect the cost of creating items through the Build menu.

Item Description[]

Contrary to received thinking, not everything in science has been discovered. The Turraken still believe that Laboratories should be built and research undertaken. A Lab therefore requires staffing by Turraken alone. Extra research modules may be installed in a Lab, and there is always the chance of a new invention or discovery to shake the foundations of the known universe.


A Laboratory is furnished through the Room furnishing menu.

Furniture Price (E.png)
Cost to buy furniture
Door 500
Analyser 1000
Workbench 1000
Workstation 2000
Microscope 3000
Replicator 4000
Chronometer 200
Image Projector 400
Plant Bio-pot 500
Ultra-lamp 300

Stat Effects[]

A Turakken working in the Laboratory will have their Stats effected by the following.

Working (per second)