A laboratory is a station facility run by Turakken scientists. Using the analyzer they can research new technologies or improve known ones.

Laboratory furniture/equipment includes

It is reported that a lab with more advanced equipment will allow faster research (needs confirmation).

Some cargo can be repeatedly researched to develop new technology. After this researching the same item will lead to the scientists improving that cargo, this allows you to create it for a lower price and at higher speed at the factory.


The most vital piece of lab equipment, anything that can be teleported into the analyser can be researched.

  • Cargo - to allow you to create that cargo and new technology
  • Litter - to create litter bins
  • Dead bodies - to determine cause of death
  • Furniture - to allow you to create that furniture and new technology

Some item, notably plants, art work and bombs can be researched but for no useful purpose, these items cannot be created in the factory after research.

Work benchEdit

The most basic work place.


A more advanced work station, useful for storing research finding and browsing the hypernet.


Useful for looking at small things and making small bugs look like giant monsters


The most advanced piece of lab equipment. Not available on all missions.