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A Material crate is a type of Cargo that contains a variety of material intended for use in various facilities.

They can be obtained via Trade, manufactured in a Factory or Harvested from the Bio deck.

Material crates should be stored in a Cargo Hold or they will rot over time into Damaged Goods.

There are eight different types of material crates. Material crates cannot be unpacked.


Each race of Peeps have a specific type of Material crate they prefer to purchase, offering a much higher price. The only exception are the Zedem Monks who offer a small increase in price when purchasing any Material crate.

Similarly, each type of Material crate is offered for sale by a specific race, excepting Industrial Materials. Black Market Goods are offered for sale by two races, the Grekka Targ and the Karmarama, while the Zedem Monks do not generally offer Material crates for sale.

See the individual pages for details.


Each type of material crate is the base of it's own line of Research in the Laboratory. See the individual pages for details.