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Medical Supplies are a type of Cargo used in Sick Bays to treat injury and Illnesses.

They can be bought from Traders; the Greys offer the best deal; or Harvested from Plants grown on the Bio deck; or, once Researched, manufactured in a Factory. The Sirens highly value these and will purchase them at a high price.

Sick bays can be run without medical supplies but this costs more energy.

Item Description[]

An important cargo type, produced primarily in the Gaem System. Medical supplies are required to efficiently operate the Sickbay

Plants producing Medical Supplies[]


Trader Cost to buy (E.png) Cost to sell (E.png)
Cost to buy and sell with traders
Arona Daal 1000-1250 750-1000
Polvakian Gem Slug 1000-1250 750-1000
Grey Good tradeGood tradeGood trade500-750 Bad tradeBad tradeBad trade250-500
Kasvagorian 1000-1250 750-1000
Karmarama 1000-1250 750-1000
Groulien Salt Hog 1000-1250 750-1000
Dahanese Siren Bad tradeBad tradeBad trade1500-1750 Good tradeGood tradeGood trade1250-1500
Grekka Targ 1000-1250 750-1000
Turakken 1000-1250 750-1000
Zedem Monk Bad trade1050-1150 Good trade950-1050