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A memau

Memaus are cute, fuzzy, little cat-like creatures. Most Peeps enjoy petting them, as it gives them a sense of joy and well-being. However, these little furballs are not what they appear to be. They are carriers for the larval form of the Alien Spawn. Once they eat enough garbage, they will enter the infection stage. Anyone they come into contact with will be infected with the larva they carry. A very short time later (200 seconds, station time), the larva will gestate into a full-grown Skrasher, killing the host and then go on a rampage. The only way to tell that anyone has become infected (other than a giant, black, chitinous-plated killing machine bursting from their corpse) is if you find a memau corpse somewhere on your station where there may have been Litter to eat.

Naturally, it is safer to keep memaus off of your Station.

Memaus are most commonly found on the Sub level, for this reason players may want to avoiding building Dine-o-Mats on this deck.

The advantages of Memau[]

When a peep pets a Memau they get the following bonuses.

Pet the kitty


So provided you keep them away from litter, Memau can actually make people happy.

Getting rid of the Memau[]

You can pick up a bomb and place it near the Memau, once detonated it will get rid of the Memau without consequences (Other than the effects of the explosion on nearby objects.)