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Mind is the stat that indicates the peep's mental state and is like an approval rating of your station. Everything affects a peep's mind points and there's no one facility that can be built for a quick fix. When a peep's mind points reach zero they will leave your station.

This attribute leads to a small passive energy gain per peep, based on the average happiness (10000 happiness gives 1 energy). This may be disabled in some scenarios.

Elements that decrease mind points[]

  • Combat (Skrasher attacks and laser hits)
  • Illnesses (Droop Eye, Blotchy Green, Hyperactivitus, Gut Worm, Solar Fever, Nymphitus, Lunar Psychosis)
  • Getting fired
  • Talking to someone they hate
  • Viewing a statue they don't like
  • A room is full, set at double price, or turned off
  • Encountering a dead body
  • Fleeing from a disturbance (an enemy agent being shot dead, a starquake or a major firefight)

Elements that increase mind points[]

  • Getting hired, promoted, and working
  • Talking to someone they like
  • Viewing a statue they like
  • A room is free of charge, or has furniture