Mineral Ores are a type of Cargo consisting of minerals used as food in the Dine-o-Mat.

They can only be obtained via Trade, with the Salt Hogs being the primary sellers. The Karmarama will happily purchase any spare ore at a high price. If you have no Mineral Ores at all, Arona Daal will have at least one crate available.

Item DescriptionEdit

Though seemingly unappealing in nature, raw mineral ores are an important dietry need for certain alien races that cannot or will not consume more traditional food types.

Traders Edit

Trader Cost to buy (E) Cost to sell (E)
Cost to buy and sell with traders
Arona Daal 250-312.5 187.5-250
Polvakian Gem Slug 250-312.5 187.5-250
Grey 250-312.5 187.5-250
Karmarama Face sadFace sadFace sad375-437.5 Face smileFace smileFace smile312.5-375
Kasvagorian 250-312.5 187.5-250
Groulien Salt Hog Face smileFace smileFace smile125-187.5 Face sadFace sadFace sad62.5-125
Dahanese Siren 250-312.5 187.5-250
Grekka Targ 250-312.5 187.5-250
Turakken 250-312.5 187.5-250
Zedem Monk Face sad262.5-287.5 Face smile237.5-262.5


  • Note: unlike other items, researchers will not automatically research improvements of Mineral ores, they will only do so when provided with crates on the Analyser. As Mineral ores can not be manufactured, improvements have no effect, so this is only an issue if you want to fill out the research tree.
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