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Startopia's single player campaign is composed of a series of missions, each working for a different organisation. Mission goals are relayed by VAL when the mission has started. Additional elements of gameplay become available as progression is made through the missions.

It is required to complete a mission before the next unlocks for selection.

For freeform missions instead select Sandbox from the game menu.


There are five Tutorial missions, that explain the basics of gameplay. They can be hidden by unselecting the "Show Tutorials" checkbox.

Tutorial 1 - Building and beaming[]

Building and beaming

Tutorial 2 - Advanced building and Aliens[]

Advanced building and Aliens

Tutorial 3 - Cargo and Trading[]

Cargo and Trading

Tutorial 4 - Biodeck Basics[]

Biodeck Basics

Tutorial 5 - Combat and Conquest[]

Combat and Conquest


The campaign follows the player who has been selected as the new administrator of the Station by VAL, with assistance from the independant freetrader Arona Daal.

Mission 1 - The Groulien Workers Party[]

The Groulien Workers Party mission focuses on setting up a basic Waystation.

Mission 2 - The Grey Council[]

The Grey Council mission focuses on setting up a Space Hospital.

Mission 3 - The Targ Collective[]

The Targ Collective mission focuses on setting up a Cargo Trading Facility.

Mission 4 - The Galactic Rehabilitation Authority[]

The Galactic Rehabilitation Authority mission focuses on setting up a Prison Rehabilitation Colony.

Mission 5 - The Turakken Committee[]

The Turakken Committee mission focuses on setting up a Research Facility.

Mission 6 - The Karmarama Commune[]

The Karmarama Commune mission focuses on growing and Harvesting Plants on the Bio deck.

Mission 7 - The Kasvagorian Kingdom[]

The Kasvagorian Kingdom mission focuses on Combat and taking over a Station through force.

Mission 8 - The Zedem Conclave[]

The Zedem Conclave mission focuses on setting up a Sanctuary station.

Mission 9 - The Polvakian Aristocracy[]

The Polvakian Aristocracy mission focuses on setting up a Pleasure Station and being the last remaining administator. Combat is not permitted.

Mission 10 - The Siren Agency[]

The Siren Agency mission focuses on taking over a station by whatever means necessary.

User Made Missions[]

User made missions can be selected for play from here after selecting the "Show User Missions" checkbox.