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Your mission is to outlast the other administrators. In particular, the Polvakians will collect 3000c of rent every 10 rotations of the station, increasing by 1000c for each additional section unlocked. You will start with a generous starting package - a Collector, Port, Star Motel, Dine-o-Mat, Lavotron, Recharger, Love Nest, Space Inn, Comsensor, and a Power Booster.

10 rotations is equal to 4 minutes 40 seconds. However, this gradually speeds up over time; about 4 seconds for each additional segment you unlock, and about 1 second every five collections. (The AI is affeected more by the speedup, being 2 seconds per collection.)

There's eight starting peeps - a grey, a targ, a siren, a salt hog, a zedem monk, a gor, a turakken, and a karmarama.

The game requires finding a balance - you need to keep small in order to avoid expensive rents, but additional peeps arrive based on the number of expansions you have.


  • The AI player pays 100c per rotation rather than 1000c per 10 rotation.