Startopia Wiki

"Polvak VII is a rich, lush planet and has the highest ratio of aristocracy-to-commoners in the galaxy. Virtually all the inhabitants are upper class layabouts who take delight in the finest and most luxurious things in life. This last bastion of class culture can make them unpopular, especially amongst races that the Groulien Salt Hogs (qv), to whom hard work and poor conditions come as standard. The greatest wish of any Gem Slug is a high level of cleanliness and maximum luxury and comfort."

The Polvakian Gem Slugs are perhaps the most undesirable of the nine primary races of the galaxy. This sluggish race that requires artificial levitation to float around are loud, obnoxious, standoffish, haughty, aloof, fat, smelly, slimy... and filthy, filthy rich. Unproductive, fussy and useless – they’re unable to be hired nor fired - and with disturbing propensity to die from their own excesses, the Polvakian Gem Slugs embody Startopia’s decadent aristocratic class.

They produce nothing, are consummate hedonists, and most do not like their company. However, none can argue with the method in which these rich old bastards gain their riches: they quite literally crap it out. The rare mineral Turdite - a highly prized and valuable resource -, rich with energy, is produced nowhere else in the universe other than the undesirable end of the already-undesirable Gem Slugs (golly, there’s a message in all this somewhere – I can smell it!).

The only reason you even want Gem Slugs to visit your Station is so that they can poo Turdite everywhere. However, Gem Slugs are a bit of an armful to please, and it’s tricky to get the right combination of facilities to encourage them to start defecating the jewel-encrusted turds, literally and figuratively, all over our Station’s floor, better get some Scuzzer Droids ready to clean up that mess. Gem slugs only really enjoy one thing, the Slugpartments, which cater to them and only them. They will however visit other high-class establishments, like the cocktail bar, Space Inn, curiosity shop and Palace Galactica. As their attitude to everyone else they’re fine. These aristocratic idlers can be seen having lively conversations with the rest of the population. They can be put off by a messy station with too many Salt Hog facilities in it.


Gem slugs are some times affected by a lethal (to them) programming bug at the Slugpartments and Cocktail Bar, they sit on/in a Slug Pod or Cocktail Bar Table and get stuck, dying when their Stats get low. The only way to avoid this bug is to not place any Slug Pods or Cocktail Bar Tables.