A port.
Vital statistics
Deck Sub level
Purpose Allows visitors to board and leave the station
Cost to build 10000E
Recycle Value {{{recycle}}}
Power usage {{{powerusage}}}
Size 6x6
Furniture requirement(s) None

Ports allows peeps access to your station. It can carry four peeps at a time.

If a lot of peeps are entering your station VAL may suggest you built another port to allow increased numbers to enter and leave.

Turning a ports power off will stop peeps from entering a station but not prevent them from leaving.

Traders Edit

Trader Cost to buy (E) Cost to sell (E)
Cost to buy and sell with traders
Arona 10000-12500 7500-10000
Gem slug 10000-12500 7500-10000
Grekka targ 10000-12500 7500-10000
Grey 10000-12500 7500-10000
Karmarama 10000-12500 7500-10000
Kasvagorian 10000-12500 7500-10000
Salt hog 10000-12500 7500-10000
Siren 10000-12500 7500-10000
Turakken 10000-12500 7500-10000
Zedem Face smile10000-11000 Face smile9000-10000
Trader Cost to buy (E) Cost to sell (E)
Cost to buy and sell technology
Arona Face smileFace smileFace smile30000-32500 Face sadFace sadFace sad27500-30000
Gem slug 35000-37500 32500-35000
Grekka targ 35000-37500 32500-35000
Grey 35000-37500 32500-35000
Karmarama 35000-37500 32500-35000
Kasvagorian 35000-37500 32500-35000
Salt hog 35000-37500 32500-35000
Siren 35000-37500 32500-35000
Turakken 35000-37500 32500-35000
Zedem 35000-36000 34000-35000