Rec bar 2
The recreational bar is the middle-of-the-road pub, where individuals from all walks of life can gather for a quick drink and quiet conversation.

Although the games flavour text mentions food being available, the recreational bar does not add food points, but subtracts them at a rate of -2 per second. It also reduces toilet, health and sleep points. Peeps do gain fun and mind points however, ranging from +50 fun (zedem, gem slug), to +200 fun, + 2 mind (salt hog) although other races score +100 fun, + 2 mind.

If they actually start drinking there are other stats in place. See Drunkenness for the numbers.

Specialised bar equipment includes the bar unit and bar table. Plant Bio-Pot's and Ultra-lamps can also be placed.

Other Universal equipment can be placed in a recreational bar, but it must be purchased, created in a factory or beamed from another adjustable room first.