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Knowing the technology for a Cargo item allows the Station Supervisor to create unlimited numbers of that item from the Build menu and unlocks it for manufacture in the Factory. Researching a technology can be done in three ways: buying and opening the Technology crate from a Trader; researching the Hardplan crate, Equipment crate or Material crate; or researching its predecessor in the tech tree.

Research is done by Turakken in a Laboratory.

Technology tree[]

Food Supplies
Rough Bar
Recreational Bar
Cocktail Bar
Rough Bar Unit
Recreational Bar Unit
Cocktail Bar Unit
Slugpartments Bar Unit
Rough Bar Table
Recreational Bar Table
Cocktail Bar Table
Slug Pod
Medical Supplies
Sick Bay
Sick Bay Waiting Couch
Diagnosis Unit
Medi Bed
Z-ray Scanner
Litter Bin
Hardware Supplies
Slumber Pod
Star Motel
Space Inn
Palace Galactica
Star Dock
Viewing Gallery
Security Scuzzer
Security Control
Security Column
Lockdown Brig
Industrial Materials
Scuzzer MkI
Scuzzer MkII
Scuzzer MkIII
Power Booster
Energy Collector
Cargo Hold
Mineral Ores
Corridor Lamp
Plaza Fountain
Luxury Goods
Music Shop
General Store
Computer Store
Combat Store
Curiosity Shop
Leisure Store
Love Chair
Love Waiting Seat
Love Nest
Alien Artifacts
Black Market Goods
Roulesse Wheel

Non-Tech Tree Research[]

Certain items can be researched and improved but do not appear on the tech tree. They are usually unlocked for construction from the start of the Missions, although occasionally they must be unlocked with Technology crates or research of a Traded item. Improvements reduce the cost to manufacture these items in a Factory as with items on the tech tree.

Research levels[]

Each build-able/buy-able item on the research tree can be researched up to nine times. This is referred to as 'improving' it in-game. This decreases the amount of time and Energy each item takes to create in the Factory by 5% per level. You can chose to research items manually, by placing it on the Analyser, or let the Researchers do it automatically when they have nothing else to do. You do not get to chose which items are 'improved' when automatic research occurs, they are researched in whatever order the Laboratory decides. After researching an item nine times, additional items placed on the Analyser will simply vanish.

Bombs and Artwork placed on the Analyser will just vanish, Corpses will produce an autopsy report.


Food Supplies and Mineral Ores cannot be created by your Factories, but can be researched. The purpose of 'improving' these items is unclear.

Turdite can be researched, as well as Plants and Litter. It has been suggested that this research increases their recycle value. Although there is no official confirmation of this, the 'improved' message will still appear, suggesting something has been changed.

Plant research was suggested to be increasing their growth rate/reappearance rate on BioDeck but there's no widespread confirmation.


The original file for the tech tree can be found here. File:Research Tree.pdf