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A Scuzzer MkI

Scuzzer droids are the stations robotic helpers. There are two types of Scuzzer: maintenance Scuzzers (marks I, II and III), and security scuzzers.

Scuzzers use a Recharger when their energy is nearly depleted. Their batteries may die before they reach it, in which case they will power down and the player will need to teleport them to the recharger.

Scuzzers can be built in a Factory, purchased from traders and researched in a Laboratory.

Maintenance Scuzzers[]

The maintenance droids Build the buildings on the station, deliver Cargo, make Repairs, collect litter and Clean buildings. Each Scuzzer can have the priority of these jobs adjusted, which can be useful in creating scuzzers focused on specific tasks.

There are three types of maintenance scuzzer: the Scuzzer Mk I, Scuzzer Mk II, and Scuzzer Mk III. Higher marks move and work faster, and can be identified by their means of locomotion: the Mark I uses legs, the Mark II uses tracks, and the Mark III features a hover system.

However, due to the advanced technology of the MKII and MKIII they also drain their batteries faster and may have maintenance issues, requiring frequent trips to the Recharger.

Maintenance scuzzers can often be found in a resting state on the edge of a room if no work is available.

If their batteries get low they may abandon their current task and search for a recharger, potential leaving work unfinished and cargo crates left on the deck to rot.

Security Scuzzers[]

Security Scuzzers patrol the station for criminals and incarcerate them (if a Cell is available) or escort them to a port and eject them from the station. They deactivate Bombs and can also fight during battles. Their main function during battles, though, is to override the lock on segment Bulkheads during a Takeover. Security scuzzers are more effective with the aid of a Security Control with highly skilled staff.

Other info[]

  • When an enemy section is captured all surviving enemy scuzzers will self destruct.
  • Scuzzers seem to occasionally get confused by the Bio deck and walk in circles unless given a specific task, such as carrying a Cargo crate or escorting a Criminal.
  • The point at which scuzzers return to a recharger for repair and recharge can be adjusted using sliders on their control panel.


  • The scuzzers are probably based on the Skutters, the maintenance droids from the British comedy television series Red Dwarf. In fact, they are referred to as "scutters" in the game resource files.