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]A Scuzzer crate is a type of Cargo that contains a single Scuzzer droid waiting to be unpacked. They must be placed on a deck floor to be unpacked.

Scuzzer crates can be acquired from Traders or built in the Factory. Once deployed, Scuzzers cannot be repacked into a crate.

A Scuzzer crate can be beamed from the Pattern buffer onto the Analyser in the Laboratory to research it.

Scuzzer crates can also be used to transport live creatures. In one Campaign Mission, Arona Daal will sell Scuzzer crates containing Memau. In custom User Missions, Scuzzer crates purchased from traders may also contain Skrashers or even Peeps.

Item Description[]

This crate contains one "Scuzzer" droid in Sleep Mode. Open the crate to activate it, and the unit will make itself available to your station's control systems to perform construction, repair, cleaning or security duties. Occasionally used for the transportation of other lifeforms.

Initial Crates[]

When starting a mission or Sandbox game, a player will typically be provided with two Skuzzer crates each containing a Scuzzer MkI. Certain campaign missions may provide additional Scuzzer crates at the beginning or as objectives are completed.

All items found in Scuzzer crates[]