Security Control
Security control
Vital statistics
Type Security
Deck Sub level
Cost to build Template:Security control
Recycle Value {{{recycle}}}
Power usage {{{powerusage}}}
Size Medium
Furniture requirement(s) None

The security control is where the Kasvagorians work. It is used during a takeover. The number of Kasvagorian workers and their skill level improves the effectiveness of Security scuzzers and the range of Security columns.

It may be also responsible for tagging intruders and enemy agents shooting at your residents, in which case switching it off during a takeover can help with combatants running away into enemy territory after an enemy was tagged multiple times automatically.

On the buildings main large screen, where there is typically a graph chart, there is instead at times an animation of a pong game being played. Also, upon zooming in at ground level, you can see on the other screen in writing, "Danger Will Robinson", followed by gibberish, referencing the TV show Lost in Space.