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Security Scuzzers are a special type of Scuzzer droid that are built specifically to incarcerate Criminals, deactivate Bombs and maintain order on a Station. One can even call them the police force of the station. Like all Scuzzer droids, they require regular recharging and maintenance. However, they are also the only droids equipped with weapons. Being inorganic, they can also be beamed up into the Pattern buffer and deposited right into the heat of battle or to arrest criminals, making their tactical value inestimable.

As their primary function is to confront criminal activities, they have four basic settings:

  • Ignore criminals
  • Warn criminals (but take no other action)
  • Incarcerate criminals (if there is a Lockdown Brig Cell available) - If no empty cell exists, they will simply escort the criminal off the station.
  • Terminate criminals - They will open fire on anyone engaged in criminal activity with impunity.

Security Scuzzers are also used to override the controls on Bulkheads that lead into enemy sections. The speed at which they hack into the system depends on the strength of the station's Security Control.

Problems and issues[]

While security scuzzers often patrol the Sub level and usually the Pleasure deck they don't generally go up to the Bio deck on their own. Due to this a player may want to occasionally beam them up there to deal with criminal Zedem Monks and Karmarama.

Without a Lockdown Brig in operation they can show a strange reluctance to escort criminal Zedem Monks off the station.

When running low on power they may abandon a criminal they are escorting in order to seek out a Recharger.

Without large numbers of them and good security coverage (Security Control + Comsensor) they often fail to disarm bombs in time.