Sick Bay
Grey sickbay
Vital statistics
Type Health
Deck Sub level
Purpose Heal bodyBodyStat
Cost to build 6000E
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Size Variable
Furniture requirement(s) Door, Diagnosis unit

The sick bay is a station service run by the Grey. If their body gets too low, peeps will seek it out.

A sick bay requires only three things to work, a door, a diagnosis unit and a Grey medic to work it. As a rough guide, only grey medics with a skill rating of two or above should work in a sick bay, Greys with lower that this may end up killing patients. Criminal Grey will just take their money without curing them.

While most simple diseases can be cured with a diagnosis unit and dispenser it is worth having at least one Medi-bed and Z-ray scanner for advanced cases.

Furniture and supplies Edit

A sick bay is an variable-sized room that requires a door and a diagnosis unit which is available, for a cost, through the room pop-up menu. Sickbay waiting couches are also available but not necessary.

Some more complicated illnesses will require the use of further equipment, which will need to be researched or traded for, including:

The sick bay can also be fitted with universal equipment.

Sick bays use medical crates to cure patients, they can run without them, but it costs you energy to cure patients this way.

Furniture Price (E)
Cost to buy furniture
Door 500
Diagnosis Unit 1000
Sickbay Waiting Couch 100
Chronometer 200
Image Projector 400
Plant Bio-pot 500
Ultra-lamp 300

Trader Edit

Trader Cost to buy (E) Cost to sell (E)
Cost to buy and sell with traders
Arona 6000-7500 4500-6000
Gem slug 6000-7500 4500-6000
Grey Face smileFace smileFace smile3000-4500 Face sadFace sadFace sad1500-3000
Karmarama 6000-7500 4500-6000
Kasvagorian 6000-7500 4500-6000
Salt hog 6000-7500 4500-6000
Siren Face sadFace sadFace sad7500-9000 Face smileFace smileFace smile6000-7500
Targ 6000-7500 4500-6000
Turakken 6000-7500 4500-6000
Zedem 6000-6600 5400-6000
Trader Cost to buy (E) Cost to sell (E)
Cost to buy and sell technology
Arona 18000-19500 16500-18000
Gem slug 15000-16500 13500-15000
Grey Face sadFace sadFace sad21000-22500 Face smileFace smileFace smile19500-21000
Karmarama 15000-16500 13500-15000
Kasvagorian 15000-16500 13500-15000
Salt hog 15000-16500 13500-15000
Siren 15000-16500 13500-15000
Targ 15000-16500 13500-15000
Turakken 15000-16500 13500-15000
Zedem 15000-15600 14400-15000

Research and manufacturing Edit

The sick bay is researched through medical supplies and also makes the diagnosis unit and sickbay waiting couch available and all three can be manufactured in the factory.

Crate Price (E)
Cost to manufacture with factory
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Gallery Edit