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Star Temples, also called Zedem Temples are structures that are established on the Bio deck by the first Zedem Monk you hire. The temple starts out with a central crystal obelisk and one standing stone, each subsequent monk adds another standing stone to the temple with twelve stones making a full Zedem temple.

You cannot build or destroy a temple, however losing/firing all the monks will result in the lose of the standing stones.

Walking around a temple increases a peeps Soul points, more so if they can be blessed by a resident monk. Most peeps benefit significantly from a visit to the temple, the exceptions are the Turakken and Sirens, who lose mind points from just walking around here and lose even more from being blessed or cursed. They still gain soul points, just less than other peeps. These two species are better off going to the Pleasure deck.

The Zedem on the other hand score significant bonuses to mind, soul, love and fun. So much so that they would rather visit a temple than go to a Love Nest.

Having a temple and a Comsensor means you may get groups on Pilgrimages asking to dock.

Affects on the Bio deck[]

Building a temple on the Bio deck will drain and level the immediate area, as well as removing all close plant life.