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A station, as seen in the games start-up screen.

Across the galaxy, there are many abandoned Space Stations in orbit around long forgotten planets and stars. They are relics of a bygone era. In the world of Startopia, new life is breathed into these colossal constructs to be used for the good of galactic civilization. Transformed into tourist attractions, hospitals, research facilities, cargo traders, or even prisons, the future of the galaxy rests with these doughnut-shaped harbingers of peace and prosperity.

Stations are run by a single Supervisor, assisted by a synthetic assistant named VAL. It is the supervisor's job to set up the station facilities to receive passengers and build a community in the stars. To aid in this, the supervisor purchases goods and technology from traders (such as Arona Daal), builds public facilities across the station's three decks, and hires Peeps to work for him.


Space stations are giant, toroidal (doughnut-shaped) habitats. They have three decks:

Each deck has 16 sections of 16x32 squares each. These sections are closed off from one another via Bulkheads. Opening these bulkheads is how supervisors expand through the station. They are opened via accessing the bulkhead menu and spending an outlay of Energy to fix up uninhabited sections, or else hacking into the bulkhead controls to gain access to enemy-held areas.

Real-world inspiration[]

The station's design is modeled after the Stanford torus, a space habitat design created in 1975, proposed by a design team from Stanford University. The design of the torus is a massive, hollow, doughnut-shaped shell whose inner wall is transparent so as to let in sunlight. It would be approximately 1.8 km in diameter and spin roughly once every minute to provide between 0.9 and 1.0 standard gravities on its interior surface. There is a central section that the torus rotates around, where zero-gravity work can take place, although this central section of the station is not explored in the game.