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Stats (or statistics) are the way in which supervisors can monitor Peeps, determining what needs to be added, removed, or changed in the Station to maximize efficiency and enjoyment.

Stats don't differentiate between species or to show if one is superior or inferior to another: Startopian Peeps are all fundamentally identical on the "inside". These stats are tracking how everything on the station affects them. They record everything from health through to how drunk they get.

If a certain stat gets too low then it triggers a response in the peep to try and restore those lost points. The only clues to a peep's current state of well being come from the cute little animations they do, the floating "emoticons" that come and go above their heads, or... or you find a corpse.

The eight main stats[]

There are eight main stats that each peep has:

Mind Mind - The peep's all over mental state. If it drops too low, they'll realize your station is not where they want to be.
Body Body - Health, basically. As it falls, it means the peep is either ill or injured. If it reaches zero, they die.
Nourishment Nourishment - Hunger. Peeps need to eat regularly to maintain their energy.
Toilet Toilet - When you gotta go, you gotta go. When these numbers drop, it is off to the Lavotron.
Love Love - All you need is love. Well, not all you need... Point is, you need it.
Fun Fun - Okay, so you need to have fun, too. If you're not having fun, you'll suffer the pangs of extreme boredom.
Sleep Sleep - A requirement for all organic lifeforms (which never ceases to amaze AIs)
Soul Soul - Basically, how much the peep is at peace with its place in the universe.

These eight statistics start at an initial value of 10,000 points per each individual stat (or 0.01%, if you prefer). Thus, having all 10,000 means that peep is 100% satisfied for that particular stat. Being between 6,000 and 10,000 points is considered optimal. Between 3,000 and 6,000, the peep may start looking for something to alleviate symptoms associated with that particular stat. Below 3,000, their search will become desperate.

Drunkenness - the ninth stat[]

There is a ninth statistic that has no bearing on your performance as supervisor: drunkenness. Peeps head off to the bar and get loaded up on their favourite semi-legal beverage.

Unlike the main stats Drunkenness starts at zero and increases. Some species get drunk faster than others.

While drinking has effects on other stats...

+300 fun, -100 toilet, -50 sleep, -10 body, -5 soul,-5 love, -5 food, -1 mind (per drink- also effected by bar and species)

..being drunk does not, and it not considered a stat in its own right.

Eventually, the peep will get plenty sloshed and stagger back to their beds or pass out at their table.

Drunkenness is increased by bars (Rough, Recreational ,Cocktail) and Slugpartments. Drunkenness is reduced by the Lavotron, Berth (Slumber Pod), Sick Bay and all forms of accommodation.

That's going to be a nasty hangover.