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The sub level sometimes called the engineering deck, technical deck or technology deck is the first and lowest deck of the Station. All of the station's support systems are located here, as are the access locations, such as Ports and Star Docks.

The sub level is darker and dirtier than the Pleasure deck or Bio deck, evidence to its status as a support area. Starting a new station involves building all necessary facilities on this deck, including:

Those station facilities that rely on manual labor are also located here, such as Recyclers and factories. As such, it is very common to see Salt Hogs in this part of the station.

It is also the trade hub of your station, where you find Cargo Holds, Comsensors and Star Docks.

Peeps can cure illness and injury at the Sick Bay on this deck.

Research is done here in the Laboratory.

Security has its base of operation here in the Security Control building.

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