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The Targ Collective is an organization of the Grekka Targ. One of the missions in the single-player campaign is to build a trading station and acquire 100000E.png through trading.



  1. Build the basic facilities, a Comsensor and a Star Dock
  2. Trade with passing ships until you have collected 100 000E.png.

Suggested additional facilities:

  • Disco
  • Cargo hold

VAL also suggests a Factory.

Strategies and tips:

  • Buy low, sell high
  • Buildings are harder to sell than goods, consider only buying buildings and equipment for use on your station
  • Use the factory to manufacture goods (luxury goods, medical supplies, industrial materials, and hardware supplies) and sell them to traders

The Traders

  • The Grey - They sell lavatrons, sick bays, medical supplies and equipment. They buy luxury goods, and comsensors.
  • The Sirens - They sell luxury goods, discos and love nests. They buy medical supplies and equipment.
  • The Targ - They sell hardware supplies, power boosters, black market goods and cargo holds. They buy factories and industrial materials.
  • The Salt Hogs - They sell mineral ores, litter bins, industrial materials, factories and recyclers. They buy hardware supplies and comsensors.