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A Technology crate contains all of the information on a piece of technology to unlock it for construction in Factories or via the build menu and allow research to improve on the technology. Unpacking a technology crate immediately adds it to the tech tree. Unpacking technology crates where the technology is already known results in no effect, wasting the crate.

Technology crates can be acquired from Traders or built in the Factory for the same cost as constructing a hardplan, scuzzer or equipment crate of the item.

A technology crate can be beamed from the pattern buffer onto the Analyzer in the Laboratory to research it. For the purposes of research it will be treated as if it were a normal copy of the item.

Technology crates can contain technology for items that are not displayed on the research tree, such as Image Projectors and Plant Bio-pots. It is also possible to obtain from some traders technology crates for resources such as Black Market Goods that are not initially researched. Unlike other technology these cannot be constructed as technology crates in factories.

Item DescriptionEdit

These crates contain technology in its pure form - information. Unpacking a technology crate will release it to your scientists and engineers, giving you the knowledge to create something on demand. Once opened, the appropriate technology is permanently added to your build and factory menu.

Initial CratesEdit

When starting a mission or sandbox game, a player will not typically be provided with technology crates. Certain missions in the campaign do however provide technology crates at the start or after certain objectives are achieved. Custom User Missions may provide technology crates when they begin or following the completion of objectives.

All items found in Technology cratesEdit

Alien Artifacts* Analyser Bench Berth
Black Market Goods* Cargo Hold Cell Chronometer
Cocktail Bar Cocktail Bar Unit Cocktail Table Combat Store
Computer Store Comsensor Corridor Lamp Curiosity Shop
Diagnosis Unit Dine-o-Mat Disco Dispenser
Energy Collector Factory General Store Holodrome
Image Projector Laboratory Lavotron Leisure Store
Litter Bin Lockdown Brig Love Chair Love Nest
Love Waiting Seat Medi Bed Medical Supplies* Microscope
Music Shop Oroflex Palace Galactica Plant Bio-pot
Plaza Fountain Port Power Booster Recharger
Recreational Bar Recreational Bar Unit Recreational Table Recycler
Replicator Rough Bar Rough Bar Unit Rough Table
Roulesse Wheel Scuzzer MkI Scuzzer MkII Scuzzer MkIII
Security Column Security Control Security Scuzzer Sick Bay
Sickbay Waiting Couch Slugpartments Slug Bar Unit Slug Pod
Slumber Pod Space Inn Star Dock Star Motel
Ultra-lamp Viewing Gallery Workbench Workstation
Z-Ray Scanner

Items marked with a * above cannot be constructed as technology crates in factories, only obtained from traders.

Traders Edit

Arona Daal buys and sells all technology at 200% of his normal buy and sell ranges. Other traders sell from 150% to 250% with some exceptions, and traders that sell the hardplan crate cheaply tend to sell the technology higher.

Cost to buy and sell with traders exceptions
Trader Cargo Cost to buy (E) Cost to sell (E)
Karmarama Technology: Rough bar 24000-25500 22500-24000
Gem slug Technology: Leisure store 24000-25000 23000-24000