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The Turakken Committee is an organization of Turakken researchers that establishes research labs on stations throughout the galaxy to research new technologies, improve old ones, and promote the advancement of science. For every discovery made or item reverse-engineered, the committee bestows an endowment of 10000e to that station's administrator.

This may seem like a simple, peaceful mission but watch out for anti technology activist spies who attempt to plant bombs and kill peeps.


Tips and hints[]

Many small labs will speed your research as each Lab is only allowed one analyzer. Start by building two. It appears as if the Turakken Committee sends you a free scientist for each lab you build.

Start by researching the Lab furniture. Beam a work bench into the analyzer Once research is complete right click on a lab select customize and add a Workstation, beam the Workstation into the analyzer then repeat for the microscope and replicator. Now you can equip your labs with the best equipment to reduce research times.

Purchase one of each available supply crate from Arona Dahl to start working on your research trees.

Building a factory and staffing it with four salt hogs will allow you to build one sample of each item you research to let you follow along the research tree.

Arona sometimes has the statue Matter-Antimatter for sale. Grab it if you can and place it in one of your labs to keep your Turakken scientists happy. They also like a few Bio-pot plants, display screens and lamps scattered around the lab to keep the creative juices flowing and the production levels up.

Having a Lavotron and Dine-o-Mat nearby on the Engineering deck rather than up on the Pleasure deck can reduce their time away from the lab for quick breaks.

On the pleasure deck be sure to build a good sized Love nest and keep if well staffed as your Turakken need lots of loving. Your scientists seem to prefer Space Motels, computer stores and Recreational bars. They love the holodrome and the big robot fountain

If you get stuck with saboteurs running wild and bombs going off all over the station you can pack up the port until your Security Scuzzers can get on top of the situation.