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The Ultra-lamp is a Furniture item found in Adjustable Rooms on the Sub level or Pleasure deck or on the deck directly.

It is a space age lava lamp that is placed on the ground, blocking movement. It supplies a minor increase in ambient light nearby.

Some adjustable rooms do not have the option to add one of these directly from the Build menu. But Ultra-lamps can be created in other rooms, Traded for or manufactured in a Factory and then moved via the Pattern buffer into these rooms.

Item Description[]

Cosy diffuse light, for giving your station that special pre-post-modern retro-futuristic self-consciously ironic ambience. Lamps also provide on-Station visible-spectrum lighting for those races unable to see in the infra-red, ultra-violent or hyper-green ranges.

Stat Effects[]

Ultra-lamps provide a minor effect to passing Peeps




  • Note, Ultra-lamps may be researched and improved but do not appear on the Tech Tree.