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These devout followers of the church of Zedem are so loyal, their entire race is devoted to spreading its message. Preaching and offering inter-species council from their famed Star Temples, the monks of Zedem are out to spread their gospel of peace and guilt. They abhor pleasures of the flesh, making it somewhat difficult to hang onto resident monks with an active Pleasure deck. Still, the guilt they foist onto unsuspecting peeps and the way in which they ridicule such pleasures is quite lessened in the face of the 5,000E.png offering they give you when they convert someone to their religion. These converts are called Penitents and wander around the station in bulky suits, not using the station facilities and being generally useless.

A resident Zedem monk can bless peeps, increasing their soul and mind points. The Turakken and Sirens are troubled by this, losing 500 Mind points, but still gain Soul points but at a reduced amount.

Criminal Zedem can 'curse' peeps, making them lose 2000 soul points, but gain 1000 mind points—corrupt but happy about it it seems. The Turakken and Sirens lose half the soul points but also lose 500 mind points.

Zedem Monks do not swim, but walk on water. They still seem to enjoy it though.